Activate Puerto Rico: Making Ideas Happen Beach Mixer


When: May 15

Time: 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Where: Villa Confresi Hotel & Restaurant PR 115 KM 12.0, Rincón

Produced by Genmoji, a ​local renewable energy integrator and energy data analytics firm.

​S​peakers​, ​panels​, and showcases on regenerative energy, blockchain, crypto currency and more​ followed​ by performances by local, music artists and roving local performance artists​.

​Join​ us to discover how ideas and collaborations that arose from the​ initial ​ Restart Week. ​Lots has ​started to flourish, in areas such as energy, agriculture, economic development, and social well being.

Cash for food and drinks.
  1. Renewable Energy Offgrid System by Genmoji ongoing
  2. Hydropanel Water System by Zero Mass Water ongoing
  3. Sustainable Tiny Home Showcase at Beach Trail ongoing​
3:30 PM Blockchain and Smart City Models in Puerto Rico
A conversation around the Special Economic Zone 2.0, current local efforts in start jumping entrepreneurship in small cities through multiple incubator collaboration​
  • Jaime Yordan – El Nodo
  • Gustavo Diaz Skoff – Young Entrepreneurs of Americ​a
4:00 PM From Remediation, to Economic Opportunity
Meet some of the grassroots humanitarian groups and efforts in energy, agriculture, and housing opportunity, and learn of their evolution from emergency response, to enablers of change.
  • Alberto Casas – Offgrid Relief
  • Luc Reynaud and Benjamin Fwatez – The Goodness Tour
  • Mark Barboni – Empowered by Light

4:30 PM The Energy Revolution
How the energy conundrum in Puerto Rico and the adoption of Blockchain-Energy models has resulted in the greatest opportunity for decentralized, inclusive energy exchanges around the world. ​

  • PJ Wilson – Puerto Rico Solar Energy Industry Association (PRSEIA​)​
  • Alejandro Uriarte – New Energy
  • Francisco Laboy – Genmoji

5:00 PM Luc and The Lovingtons Performs live.
Simultaneous Mural Painting, silent auction

6:00 PM (RE) BUILD: Constructing the frameworks for sustainability
An exploration into new community models in Puerto Rico to ensure fair, affordable and sustainable co-living models in rural areas of the island

  • Lourdes Loubriel – Mission 11:11
  • Michael Ovsen – The Crypto

6:45 PM Sunset at Bramadero
A magical experience provided by Mother Nature.

7:00 PM An New Agriculture Exchange

  • Keith Agoada – Producers Market

7:30 PM Live Music​

  • Los Walters
  • Luc and the Lovingtons

9:30​ PM DJ