RLT Atwood Presents Staking Cryptos – Earning Money with Masternodes


When: May 14

Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Villa Cofresi, PR 115 12.0 KM, Rincon

Tickets $39.01   CLICK HERE to purchase.

Blockchain technology is built on a decentralized consensus model for verifying transactions among other functions. Staking follows a far less resource intensive consensus model to that of cryptocurrency mining, and its approach is rapidly gaining popularity. Referred to as Proof of Stake (“POS”) among other acronyms, and comprising of dedicated server nodes (masternodes), this is one of the newer methods for qualifying by means of stake and rewarding participants for verifying transactions in blockchain based cryptocurrencies.

Aligned with the significant growth and substantial market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, staking provides a passive means of accumulating digital assets. Typically, viable masternode cryptocurrency projects have very high market entry price points. This is beneficial for attracting serious stake holders, however, makes it difficult for entry level traders and blockchain enthusiasts to gain a foothold in this niche. Masternode uptake of some notable projects have grown upwards of 200% since December 2017 to date, further widening the gap, and ultimately access to these opportunities.

Food and Drinks will be served and are included in the attendance fee. Any additional monies left over will be given to #restartweek for its initiatives. This event is put together with the Law Offices of Bermudeztejero.