Activate Puerto Rico Activities
Activate Puerto Rico is a four-day series of events that will host leaders, educators, artists, and entrepreneurs seeking to unify and converge ideas, resources, and connections. Together working towards a cohesive and integrated plan for Ponce and the southern region, to help us meet our goals we’re bringing local firm Seriously Creative to facilitate our collaborative segments and ground us in the process of human centered design thinking. Admission available through Eventbrite here. 

Welcome Day – “Why Day” – 2-5pm
What is your Why? What is our Why? During Welcome Day, we will have an engaging conversation lead by Angiemille Latorre of Seriously Creative. During this session, we will cover:
Learn more about “The Why” behind Restart Week and Restart Foundation, and the team leading the incubation.
Introduction to the Design and Framework for engaging during Restart Week
Participants express their Why – and opportunity to present on stage
Storytelling card to carry & build from throughout the week
This event is taking place at the Fundacion Biblioteca Rafael Hernandez Colon.

Agriculture Day – Saturday October 27th – 11am-5pm
This event looks to engage outside and local resources in agriculture and energy, in order to address local and global issues in agriculture access, new trends, supply chain, as well as renewable energy microgrids and their organic correlation to food and natural medicine supply sustainable models.
The event is taking place at el Mercado Agricola de Ponce
Ponce Art Blockchain Event – Sunday, Oct 28th – 12pm-8pm
Focused on women’s contribution and role in Puerto Rico’s rich art history and blockchain’s insertion into this local space, with a tribute to local artist designer Maruja Fuentes Viguie.
The event is taking place between two museums in downtown Ponce.
Pecha Kucha Presentations and Interactive Panels – Monday, Oct 29th –11am-6pm
Regional topics including Energy, Housing, Land Titles/Trusts, Telecommunications, Water, Acts 20/20, and more…
This event is taking place at the Fundacion Biblioteca Rafael Hernandez Colon.

Community Round Table Discussions & “Catalyst Launch” – Tuesday, Oct 30th -10am-4pm
Round Table Discussions:
Reflecting on Activate Sessions
Where Do We Go From Here?
“Catalyst” is a long term program of Restart Foundation, still in its design stage, that is informed by each of our Activate Puerto Rico event. “Catalyst’s” intention is to support the publishing and distribution of information as well as the ongoing facilitation of working groups across the most important sectors per region.
This event is taking place at the Fundacion Biblioteca Rafael Hernandez Colon.

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