Our goal is to ensure that donations are made to eligible and deserving organizations while quantifying the impact of the Act 22 donation program.

With the understanding that it is critical to track donations and provide accurate metrics, Integro is currently working with the following organizations to support their efforts:


El Bastión Resilient
Cultural Center in Viejo San Juan

Your donation will support the continued resiliency improvements of El Bastión’s facilities and the complete range of their cultural initiatives.

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Finca Explora
Agricultural Business Incubator in Isabela

Your donation will support Finca Explora’s efforts to secure a stable supply of electricity, to repair the on-site well, and to grow their staff.

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Link PR
Blockchain Education by Puerto Ricans for Puerto Ricans

Your donation will support the development of university chapters and workshops that will offer education at no cost to local communities about blockchain technologies and related topics.

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Centros Sor Isolina Ferré
Community Development Services

Your donation will provide community resiliency training workshops for communities throughout Puerto Rico through Centros Ferre’s Institute for the Plentiful Development of the Human. Each workshop impacts over 60 people through training in emotional and infrastructural resiliency.

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We have selected the above charitable organizations to receive all 2018 ACT 22 donations made to Integro. Integro will not retain any of the $5,000 minimum as 100% of these restricted donations is passed through to the organization of your choosing from above.

Donations can be made online or direct via, check or wire to: 


Integro Foundation, Inc.

Account Number: 030101956
Routing Number: 021502011
Bank Name: Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
Bank Address: 1500 Muñoz Rivera Ave., Hato Rey, PR 00926
Account Holder’s Address: El Caribe Office Building, 53 Palmeras 
Street, 6th Floor, San Juan, PR 00901