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The six-day event on October 25-30 is open to all the population and invites individuals and organizations to participate in an effort to collaborate, engage, unite resources and stimulate action towards shaping an integrated plan for the southern region and Puerto Rico

Ponce, Puerto Rico, October 15, 2018— Collaboration generates the opportunity for positive change to happen. Only when committed individuals and organizations with unique experiences, talents, skills and perspectives unite to work as an organized team, can we provide the help, support and opportunities that are needed to enrich and improve initiatives, our people and communities, and do good.

We all know that Hurricane María changed us. A year later, we’re still struggling. #RestartWeek is an initiative created by Integro Foundation DBA Restart Foundation with the objective of bringing together local and global individuals, leaders, organizations and resources to collaborate towards rebuilding Puerto Rico. The non-profit, non-partisan, Puerto Rican organization was established by locals, old and new residents of the island with the vision to support projects that strengthen the society, regenerate the environment and revitalize the economy of Puerto Rico.

Following two successful #RestartWeek events in San Juan and Mayagüez, and continuing to put into action their commitment to contribute with results-driven actions and resources for the betterment and benefit of the people of Puerto Rico, Restart Foundation is activating #RestartWeekSouth in Ponce on October 25-30, 2018. This collaborative and decentralized event series is lead by a steering committee comprised of individuals representing different organizations and sectors, and is co-produced in alliance with several local partners including Genmoji, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Gente Brava, El Nodo, Museo de la Música Puertorriqueña del Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, LinkPR, Colmena 66 and LaunchPad.

The diversity of activities programmed throughout the municipality will provide the opportunity to build community, catalyze valuable ideas, efforts, creativity and resources into an action plan that contributes to a cohesive and integrated revitalization plan for the southern region and Puerto Rico. Among the activities are Restart Foundation’s own “Activate Puerto Rico”, intended as a regional mastermind series of events to amplify existing projects and enterprises, introduce and steward the conversation and dialogue of the region’s stakeholders, and set up systems of engagement after the event. Activate Puerto Rico includes Pecha Kucha Presentations and Interactive Panels presenting regional topics such as energy, housing, land title and trusts, telecommunications, water and Acts 20/22; Community Round Table Discussions & “Catalyst Launch”; and Round Table Discussions reflecting on Activate Sessions and defining next steps to move forward.

Local partner hosted activities include, among others, Agriculture Day to learn and open discussion about the agriculture sector and interconnected sectors such as energy and blockchain; Ponce Art & Blockchain Day featuring a tribute to local architect and designer Maruja Fuentes Viguié with a focus on women’s contribution to Puerto Rico’s rich art history and blockchain’s insertion into this local space; Tu Camino Empresarial Tour & Demo Day; and Friday night Restart Concert, headlined by Los Vigilantes.

A vital component of the revitalization process is providing economic support for community initiatives. Restart Foundation will be contributing a minimum of $15,000 in grants to groups and entities that present impactful programs that contribute to accelerate growth within the southern region.

“The core of Restart Foundation’s work is based in collaboration. During the past year we have been diligently meeting and joining efforts with local partners to understand and assess real needs and opportunities, as well as building relationships with global organizations so that together, we may have the most impact. This collaborative effort has assisted us in the development of integral short and long-term goals and strategies aligned to programs and projects that attend to real needs and would bring the most value. We have developed important bridges across the island and we look forward to building many more in the southern region with #RestartWeekSouth. We invite and encourage all individuals and organizations to join us and participate in the wide diversity of events scheduled for the week,” expressed Adam Krim, program director of Restart Foundation.

Intellectual capital is a terrible thing to waste. Sadly, much of it has escaped the island. Restart represents not a movement, but an opportunity to create the models to be replicated around the world, right here in Puerto Rico. And with that comes great responsibility, to make those models inclusive, and to ensure the through them the wellbeing of generations to come,” said Francisco Laboy, Chief Strategy Officer at Genmoji.

Restart Foundation’s successful initiatives include: #RestartWeekWest events in Mayagüez in May 2018 and #RestartWeekNorth in San Juan in March 2018; a $50,000 donation to the University Start-Up and Innovation Factory space at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez; a Hackathon in Mayagüez with over $12,000 in scholarships, cash prizes and cryptocurrency; an art auction that provided the funds to bring solar power and refrigerators to six homes through the volunteer organization Off Grid Relief; and a donation in collaboration with Southwest Airlines that facilitated travel for 30 volunteers of the R.E.L.I.E.F. Foundation to work in different communities and supported the creation of a telemedicine facility that serviced over 120 patients with limited access to medical care after Hurricane María.

#RestartWeekSouth is open to all individuals and organizations in the Southern region of Puerto Rico and beyond who are inspired to collaborate with others and are committed to make a meaningful difference throughout the island. Registration for the events ranges from free to suggested donations starting at $3 for locals to $250 and up for new residents and visitors. Scholarships are available for local participants to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend. For registration and schedule of events, please access For additional information and support please contact us at


Restart Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan Puerto Rican organization established in 2015 by a group of locals, old and new residents of the island with the mission to support projects that strengthen the society, regenerate the environment and revitalize the economy of Puerto Rico after hurricane María.  #RestartWeek is an initiative created by Restart Foundation with the objective of bringing together local and global individuals, organizations and resources to collaborate towards rebuilding Puerto Rico after hurricane María.


Restart Week West Shares Impact Points From Successful Decentralized Community
Event Focused On The Revitalization Of Puerto Rico

From May 11th-19th in Mayagüez and Rincón, a decentralized community of innovators, thought-leaders, non-profits and investors, local community leaders, and students, came together to take action in the revitalization of Puerto Rico during Restart Week West. The community-driven event collaborated with the Municipality of Mayagüez and the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez to ensure direct impact on the local and surrounding community.

Throughout the nine-day event, Restart Week West collaborated with independent event producers and community builders to put on twenty events that included a hackathon, day of listening, community dinners, regional tours, art and design activities for kids, regional mastermind sessions, project tours, and panels on economic development through use of regenerative power and water technologies.

Impact From Restart Week West:

  • Launched non-profit and made donation to the University Start-Up and Innovation Factory space.
  • Four paintings were auctioned off and earned enough to bring solar power and refrigerators to six homes in Puerto Rico through the volunteer organization Off Grid Relief.
  • Working with Arts and Beyond K-8 School to install a satellite Internet to give the children connectivity for their STEM program. This will be the first of several schools.
  • Regional tour to projects in motion to help connect potential investors and collaborators
  • Panel at RestartX focused on bringing awareness to Puerto Rico during Blockchain Week in NYC
  • Brought approximately 125 attendees from around the globe together to take action in the economic development of Puerto Rico while leveraging key relationships to create impact
  • Multiple beach clean ups were hosted in the region during the event, which brought local teams and attendees from the event together to remove trash from the beach.

One standout event included the Day Of Listening hosted by Timothy Lewis, which brought out a number of passionate Puerto Ricans who shared their valid concerns about the solutions being brought forth by outsiders and the injustices that locals have faced over the past 500 years. This was an eye-opening experience that led to a fresh perspective regarding next steps for the community.

Tribalize then hosted a Collaborative Mastermind Conference, which brought together terms working toward creating cohesive and integrated plans for the region by aligning visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and educators. Another highlight was the Making Ideas Happen event focused on blockchain, regenerative energy, and cryptocurrency with speakers​, ​panels​, and showcases.

Other highlights included the EduBlock Restart Week Hackathon, which brought teams together at University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez to compete for over $12,000 in Scholarships, Cash Prizes, and crypto. Throughout the 26 hour event, dedicated students took on categories like Best Use of Blockchain Technology, Best Use of Open Data, and Best Use of Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality.

During Restart Week, the local Puerto Rican non-profit Integro Foundation Inc announced that they joined forces with Brock Pierce of Bitcoin Foundation, Adam Krim of SymbioNet, and Crystal Rose of Unicorn VC to create Restart.One; a non-profit focused on supporting and empowering initiatives that have positive social and environmental impact for the advancement of the standard of living and economic health of Puerto Rico.

The first initiative of Restart.One was making a donation to the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez with a focus on the University Start-Up & Innovation Factory space. This will be instrumental in accelerating the entrepreneurial recovery efforts by encouraging students to create and cultivate business in Puerto Rico.

“We are very happy to work closely with Restart.One,” says University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez professor of Chemical Engineering Ubaldo M. Córdova. “This is the beginning of many collaborations and opportunities to engage in activities related to recovery, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. With this donation we will enhance our facilities for innovation and impact aspirations of 13,000 students.”

The Official Media Partner for Restart Week West was The Confluence, who are a full-service, global media agency that delivers best-in-class publicity, branding and content strategy to many of the world’s most influential brands, launches and causes.

Those interested in learning more about Restart Week or getting involved can head to their website. More details related to upcoming events and initiatives will be revealed in the near future.

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