Restart San Juan

March 13-19, 2018 – Restart Week was a week-long series of community driven events surrounding San Juan, anchored by three major blockchain conferences. This week was more than just the aligning of events; it was a community gathering of locals, new residents, and passionate visitors participating in the mission to regenerate Puerto Rico.

The first Restart Week of many has concluded, and we are pleased to provide a quick recap of what was accomplished:

Three technology conferences with an estimated combined 2000 attendees focused on blockchain, cryptocurrency and innovative technologies.  

    • D10e, the leading conference on decentralization featured 25 companies pitching on stage with a prize of a $100,000 granted to the winners of the competition.
    • Blockchain Unbound had an estimated 1,000 attendees with a waiting list exceeding 500 people. The visionary speakers in attendance included author and futurist Alex Lightman, Olympic medalist Apollo Onho, Blockchain CEO Crystal Rose, and cryptocurrency focused founder Alena Veranova, among others.
    • CoinAgenda Carribean had a reported 97 attendees last year and an estimated 500 this year, with luminary speakers such as keynote Patrick Byrne, Founder and CEO of Overstock, among panels of local government, media and entrepreneurs.

In addition to the major conferences there were dozens of other community organized events driving thousands of participants, including:

  • Women in Blockchain – one of the most attended of all community events.
  • EduBlock offered a full day of open and free interactive education, created by local students and supported by blockchain experts. Many speakers from the conferences came together to engage with the community. Around 100 people participated in the event held at the Interamerican University.
  • CryptoMixer PR, a well-provisioned and public blockparty at Lote23 to build more connections within the the city’s residents and the blockchain community.

Restart for Good

  • Days of Intention included the Day of Listening to engage local charities and the Day of Service, deploying caravans of volunteers around the island to actively help with efforts.
  • Feed the People: 3 pallets food were delivered to Island Corps and the Bayanola kitchen was fed with now 3.5M meals cooked and served by  #chefsforpuertorico
  • 400 lbs of art supplies were delivered to the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico
  • Let there be Light: This monumental day helped to turn on the lights in the old San Juan children’s museum for the first time in 4 years
  • Solar project completed for five houses to provide off grid relief
  • Day of Gratitude: 400 Dreams were collected with photos of locals taken for the Gratitude Bus, an initiative to engage the local community on a road trip around the island. @restartweek

All of the hotels from San Juan to Isla Verde were sold out the first time since hurricane Maria. Around San Juan and Condado the local bars, piano lounges and venues were buzzing with sponsored pop up  musical evenings featuring famous DJs from around the world such as Isaiah Martin and DJ Lumerian.

The week culminated with the Power to the People benefit concert hosted free to the community by at the Coliseo where thousands of people celebrated in evening of music by famous supporters and artists like Akon, Yandel, Lupe Flasco, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah among many others.

We are still gathering data for the donations received from the concert and pledges from for other donations to the island and we’re optimistic the numbers are high!

The community support has encouraged us to restart again. The movement is heading west. To stay informed, follow @restartweek on Twitter and join the conversation with over 600 Restarters in the Telegram group at