Restart West

Announcing #RestartWeek West centered in Mayaguez Puerto Rico, May 11-18, 2018

The community has spoken: the next Restart Week is moving west to Puerto Rico’s college center in Mayaguez, nearby popular surfing town of Rincon and Aguadilla.

Mayaguez is the largest city on the Western side of the island with 20,000 college students – 20% of the 100K population. It is the center for technology on the island, with more computer science graduates than anywhere in Puerto Rico.  

Who Are the Restarters?

Restart Week is a movement for the community, by the community. We consider ourselves global citizens, with a common goal of helping boost the local economy of each region we focus on. The week of events is powered by a collective of motivated people from Puerto Rico and across the world on a mission to create lasting positive impact.

The first Restart Week in San Juan was a success with an estimated 2000 conference attendees and over 3000 participants across the city, many of whom traveled into Puerto Rico to attend.  

#RestartWeek acts as a positive change agent and catalyst for Puerto Rico’s economy. The collective presence is about economic development and social responsibility. The intent is to leave the island better equipped than when the movement arrived and provide the tools and resources that cannot be readily found locally.

How We Serve
By bringing angel investors, Venture Capital firms, and startups to Mayaguez and Rincon, we can create new employment and funding for entrepreneurs. This economic regeneration gives students an opportunity to dream big and realize those dreams in Puerto Rico. This movement enables local students to reimagine Mayaguez and Puerto Rico as a thriving source of jobs and drives positive attention to attract resources to amplify the impact.

There are many students in pursuit of their higher education at any cost. Many in Puerto Rico are not able to find adequate housing; an estimated 1 in 4 students do not have reliable places to sleep and some students are under fed. This is a call to join in service, all who are makers, co-creators, angels, accelerators and venture capitalists and change the future of the island for the better.

Mayaguez is #1 in Puerto Rico for engineering, lawyers, accountants and professionals with over 10 universities in the municipality. There are approximately 20K students that go in and out of Mayaguez during school season, making it a cornerstone college and professional town.

Restart Week West offers the opportunity to focus on education first as one of the initial issues to tackle. The intent is to build a pipeline of professionals with new skills who want to stay in the island to help rebuild and scale. Giving back in the communities where we do business is at the core of the organization.

Our Principles:

  • Open inclusion
  • Open participation
  • Leave it better than we found it
  • Regenerate the vibrant past
  • Envision and create the future

For the Newcomers:

  • Show up with integrity
  • See the island
  • Meet the people
  • Learn the culture
  • Study local history
  • Understand the needs
  • Be in service
  • Find your Puerto Rican partner(s)
  • Build and serve

Get involved! Restart Week is for the community by the community. Submit an event through the form in our Get Involved menu.

#RestartWeek West is in conjunction with the Relief week events May 11-18. To stay informed, follow @restartweek on Twitter and join the conversation with over 600 Restarters in the Telegram group at

Check out the events taking place at Restart Week West and let us know how you’d like to join us in helping Puerto Rico rebuild itself.